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Operating since 2008, we boast several years of experience in the tourism and real estate sectors. We are among the few real estate agencies in Italy to operate in the two complex branches that require constant skills and energy. We have always operated with professionalism, commitment, dedication, not promising or guaranteeing anything that was not real.


The experience accumulated by immobiliareguida.it by Agenzia Guida Immobiliare e Turistica is a point of reference for selling, leasing or renting your holiday home in Lecce and its province. You can count on expert real estate consultants who know the rules, have invested in technology, have established important collaborations nationally and internationally, and have a database of real customers who want to buy a house or spend their holidays.

Capacity and offering of solutions

We at immobiliareguida.it by Agenzia Guida Immobiliare e Turistica have the ability to always offer solutions. Our ability emerges immediately upon first contact. We differ from other real estate agencies in terms of experience and ability to complete what is entrusted to us.

Intermediation, consultancy and responsibility

Choosing us at immobiliareguida.it by Agenzia Guida Immobiliare means entrusting your business in good hands. The activity of our real estate agency is not intended by us only in the field of intermediation, leaving aside everything else. We start from consultancy, assuming responsibility in everything we do, to reach intermediation only in the last phase of the process. We are not interested in obtaining hundreds of mandates or assignments without carefully analyzing every single deal. We are interested in operating correctly by carrying out analysis and consultancy activities before being officially hired.

Thousands of negotiations and bookings

Those who have purchased a house or booked a holiday home in Salento through us know this well. Their choice was made for the safety they experienced when turning to us. And they wouldn't change our real estate agency for any other. Conducting negotiations smoothly even after years is our strength! Trust the Real Estate and Tourist Guide Agency and evaluate it too. With us you are at home... stay at home!

In the area for years

Who we are. Our Real Estate Agency has been operating for years throughout the province of Lecce, in an area called Salento. Over the years, customers have appreciated the professionalism with which we have committed ourselves to completing numerous procedures in the real estate and tourism fields. The knowledge of the territory that we cover extensively has allowed us to gain the trust not only of local customers, who have found the right investment, but also of international customers who have decided to rely on us to invest in the purchase of a second home and/or to spend moments of relaxation during which he discovered a very suggestive corner of the world.

Among the founders

Who we are. We were among the pioneers of the tourism development of the area, when the term tourism and tourist was still struggling to take off. At the beginning, we remember numerous properties in a complete state of abandonment, where the owners themselves did not know the opportunities, made so thanks to our infinite hours of consultancy and subsequent activities to commensurate an income on the tourist and real estate markets, these properties obtained the their economic feedback. This has allowed our mediation activity to obtain a very high level profile, finding an enormous sense of pride in the various deals concluded. Today we are an agency that operates in a globalized and international market with significant experience and training under our belt. Agency Guide and stay at home!

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