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Real Estate and Tourist Guide Agency was founded in 2008 thanks to the passion for the real estate and holiday sectors, of the services to each associated sector and to the love for the territory in which the company operates. Salento is an ancient land surrounded by two seas, adriatic and jonio. Its mild climate has favored the culinary art known to the world as a Mediterranean diet. These factors have attracted many peoples over the centuries who, by settling down, have left their many traces everywhere. Salento is rich in art, history, styles that appeal to those peoples. Its clear sea between wide beaches and cliffs, the uncontaminated nature, its dry stone walls, the olive groves, the vineyards, the red earth recall every year still today peoples of every where. They are the numerous tourists! ...... different from the raiders, who unlike love to visit and admire the beauty and even buy a house. Agenzia Guida combines perfectly in all this way adding innovation and a new way of doing real estate. A young and dynamic team, responsible and prepared for the challenges, is ready to welcome customers and guide them step by step in their purchase and holiday choices. The two sectors in which Agenzia Guida operates can be consulted at the addresses www.immobiliareguida.it and www.salentoit.it.
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